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Video on Demand comes to VCA


Pahrump, NV (June 14, 2018)—Valley Communications Association announced this week that Video on Demand Services will be available on the VCA/VEA digital TV service, starting Monday, June 18.

VCA EVP of Broadband Business Ken Johnson said the new service allows viewers to view the latest movies or events in real time and on demand.

For access, viewers just need to press “on demand” on their VCA remote.  Once that button is pressed, the viewer is taken to the “On Demand Store front,” where viewers can order movies and other content. Once the title is selected, viewers will be told the length of the rental period and the cost.

In addition to first-run movies and sporting events, soon there will be content associated with cable TV networks like Disney, HGTV, Food Network and others, that can be viewed at no additional charge if the viewer already has the channel as part of a TV tier package.

Johnson said the video library will have a great inventory on the day it launches and will keep improving.

“While we have a pretty good library in there now,” said Johnson, “the inventory will continue to grow. It will keep growing as we get more authorizations from different studios to offer their titles.”

The addition of the Video on Demand service clears the way for pay per view sporting events to come to the VEA/VCA digital television service, like wrestling, boxing and UFC type events.

Johnson encourages all subscribers to check out the free content available too.  “Some of the free content is imagery, which includes stunning sunsets from all over the world,” said Johnson. “There are other images like fish tanks and fireplaces too. They are all welcome to go and try out that stuff to see how it works.”

About Valley Communications Association, Inc.

Valley Communications Association, Inc., (VCA), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valley Electric Association, Inc., (VEA) a nonprofit electric utility headquartered in Pahrump, Nev. Much like VEA did 52 years ago, VCA is bringing critical infrastructure – fiber-optic and wireless broadband – to the communities in its vast 6,800-square-mile service area along the Nevada-California border that were under served by commercial communications providers. VCA is a partner in the long-haul fiber-optic network between Las Vegas and Reno and has expanded into VoIP, IPTV, SmartHome and I.T. services. Long term, VCA’s goal is to expand modern broadband to rural communities of Nevada. For more information about VEA, please visit

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