Landowner/Landlord Approval Form

Also Available: Landowner/Landlord Approval Form (PDF Version)

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for choosing Valley Electric Association, Inc. as your wireless internet provider! To ensure you have a smooth installation experience, if you do not own the premises where service will be installed, we require that you obtain landowner/landlord approval prior to installation.

Installation of VEA equipment may involve modifications to the premises. While these modifications are often minor, standard professional installation many times includes drilling holes in order to run cable and attach equipment securely to the outside of the premises. Any such type of modification may be forbidden pursuant to the terms of your lease/rental agreement or may require pre-approval by the landowner/landlord. Please be advised that landowner/landlord approval is required before any modifications to the premises.

Please request that the landowner/landlord, or its authorized representative, complete the section below to acknowledge authorization for the installation and provide this signed form to Valley Electric Association, Inc. at the address below before scheduling an installation.

By presenting this form to Valley Electric Association, Inc., you are granting permission to install VEA equipment and are releasing Valley Electric Association, Inc. from the obligation to remove your system after it is installed. This signed installation permission form releases VEA (including any installation technician) from any liability related to damages your landowner/landlord may claim as a result of an alleged violation of your lease/rental agreement as it relates to the installation of your new Valley Electric Association, Inc. equipment.

Should your landowner/landlord only approve the Valley Electric Association, Inc. installation subject to special requirements that make the actual installation more expensive (or exceed what VEA offers as part of its standard professional installation), you will be asked to pay a corresponding charge, to be agreed upon by you and Valley Electric Association, Inc., for the additional services. Upon installation, all equipment is still Valley Electric Association, Inc. equipment and proper care must be taken of the equipment. Any damages to the equipment will be charged to the subscriber.

Please remember that technical issues may still prevent installation of your VEA equipment. Though this is rare, unforeseen challenges may prohibit installation of VEA equipment.

I, ____________________________ [landowner/landlord/authorized representative], hereby authorize ________________________________ [name of tenant/lessee/VEA Applicant] to install VEA equipment at _______________________________________ [tenant/lessee/VEA Applicant address]

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