Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to get the most out of your broadband Internet service, so our support team is ready to answer your questions. Call us at (775) 727–5312 or drop us an email. Before that, try checking out our Frequently Asked Questions – you might find the information you need.

Trouble with your internet connection?

Here are several of the most frequently reported broadband connection problems that members often can resolve themselves. Try these easy fixes before you call.

If your Internet is not working when you turn on your computer, what should you check? The most common problems revolve around the router.

  • Check to see if your router has power. Is it unplugged? The first thing one should see is LED lights. Check for lights to see if the power LED is solid and the data LED’s are blinking
  • If your Internet is still not working, try “re-booting” the router. Disconnect the power cord, wait for at least 60 seconds, and then reconnect it. Make certain the power switch is in the on position
  • If you still have no Internet connection, check whether the router has the most recent firmware? An upgrade can resolve connectivity issues. If you own your own router, log into your router-management console and click on update firmware
  • If the firmware is up to date, but you still have no Internet, check your Power Over Ethernet if you are a VCA wireless customer. The POE (which is a 6- to 7-inch rectangular box) should have a green indicator light. If that light is off, check to see that the POE is plugged in. Another common problem with the POE is the black cable is plugged into the wrong port on the POE? The black radio cord, which comes from the antenna, should be plugged into the out port and the cable to the router should be plugged into the in port

Electrical cord, Input Power LED, To Router, To Outdoor Radio, Output Power LED

  • I still don’t have Internet. Now what? Did you lose Internet on all devices? If you lost Internet on just one device, the problem is likely an issue with that piece of equipment, not the connection

If you are still having Internet problems, feel free to give us a call at (775) 727–5312 and a friendly customer service representative will gladly assist you.


What kind of packages does VCA offer?

We know that homes and businesses have very different requirements for Internet service, so we’ve created multiple packages unique to each. You can select the speed that’s right for your needs, along with the price that fits your budget.

How do I start service?

Call (775) 727–5312 and we’ll get you started, or fill out our online application.

Where is VCA located?

Our offices are at 800 E. Hwy 372, Pahrump, NV 89048.

Is my neighborhood available for VCA internet service?

Please contact Customer Service at (775) 727–5312 to check to see if your address has VCA internet available.

Will pricing vary based on location?

Yes. Pricing varies between inside a VEA service territory and outside of the VEA service territory.