VEA Provides High Speed Internet Service to VA Construction Site

PAHRUMP, Nev. (Feb. 24, 2016) – Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA) announces that it has connected its wireless broadband service to the Veterans Affairs Pahrump Clinic (VA) construction site in its continued effort to provide high speed internet to its members.

VEA recognizes the growing need for improved high-speed communications and Internet service. In order to meet that need more quickly, it will begin flooding the service territory with wireless connectivity while continuing to methodically build its fiber optic network. Connecting the VA construction site is just the beginning.

“The construction offices can be moved as construction progresses,” said John Spracklen executive vice president of broadband operations and services at VEA. “Our wireless service gives them the flexibility to move the trailer without compromising speed or reliability.”

Some VEA members have already received service from a limited release; however, starting in April, all members will have a first-hand opportunity to experience the advantage of 25 Mbps upload and download wireless Internet service speeds.

“VCA’s wireless service will be far superior in speed and affordability to what is currently available,” said Spracklen. “It will improve the quality of life for residents of our communities through increased business productivity and efficiency.”

VEA takes tremendous pride in being able to offer wireless broadband, as it will better serve the members in the interim. However, once the fiber optic internet project is complete, all members will have access to fiber. For more information members are invited to attend their district meeting.