Preferred RV Resort Receives VCAs Optical Fiber Broadband Service

Cooperative’s large-scale broadband initiative successfully connects to RV Park

PAHRUMP, Nev. (Jan. 25, 2016) – Valley Communications Association (VCA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA), is pleased to announce that it has successfully connected Preferred RV Resort to its optical fiber network, on Dec. 24. The Resort was the first facility, outside of the Pahrump Community Library, to receive service through VCA’s advanced optical fiber network.

Preferred RV Resort is a popular destination for community members and vacationers that utilize Wi-Fi for many purposes. VCA’s optical fiber broadband service to the Resort offers download speeds of 500 megabits per second (Mbps), a significantly higher speed than the 10 Mbps that was previously connected.

“Since VEA connected the optical fiber network, all feedback has been positive,” said James Horton, Preferred RV Resort general manager. “The number of average users has grown with the increased capacity, and the flexibility of how it’s being used has grown as well.”

Faster speeds provide businesses with more bandwidth. Increased bandwidth opens up more opportunities to fully utilize the Internet. “The biggest benefit of the increased speed has been our ability to remove all of the necessary restrictions that accompanied our previous system,” said Horton. “Communications and entertainment options, for example, have increasingly migrated to online channels, and when bandwidth is limited and shared, it’s necessarily restricted. It would be like telling our guests they can turn on the electric for a light or two, but not enough to turn on the air conditioner in the summer. We are very grateful to have been chosen as the first commercial installation of VCA’s new optical fiber broadband connection. We’re finally able to give our residents and guests what they need, expect, and very much rely upon.”

Another important benefit of VCA’s optical fiber broadband is the reliability. “When most of the town lost internet service last week, we didn’t,” exclaimed Horton. VCA is currently in the construction phase of the broadband initiative.