Sandy Valley Warehouse Serves Broadband Customers

Broadband service began earlier this year in Sandy Valley

Photo by Jeff Scheid

By Vern Hee

SANDY VALLEY, Nev. — Valley Communications Association has provided high-speed broadband services to Sandy Valley for several months now, and since the beginning Sandy Valley members have flooded the Cooperative with calls about the high-speed service.

Sandy Valley Warehouse Serves Broadband Customers

To better accommodate members and speed up service installations, VCA has assigned an installer to Sandy Valley and is taking sign-ups at the VEA Warehouse in Sandy Valley, 1150 E. Quartz Ave., 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“We wanted the people of Sandy Valley to know that we appreciate their business,” says Candace Perkins, VCA Manager of Marketing.

Residents can sign up for broadband, digital phone service and digital TV at the warehouse.

“A lot of times people hear about us offering the high-speed broadband, but forget we offer the TV and phone service, too,” Candace says. “People like the phone service because in some rural areas the cell phone coverage can be spotty at best.”

She said the phone service operates through the Internet and provides the home with a reliable backup to cell phone service.

As far as Digital TV service, according to Ken Johnson, EVP of Broadband Business, VCA is highly competitive with other providers.

“We don’t do teaser rates and contracts. We just use our normal everyday rates.” says Ken. “Basically we earn your business every month.”

For more information, members and residents can drop by the Sandy Valley VEA Warehouse.